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Seeds Of Tolerance Initiatives

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The Seeds Of Tolerance (SoT) has always sought out unique and creative methods to further its mission of unlearning intolerance especially among youth. Therefore, the Seeds Of Tolerance has various innovative initiatives through which it connects to different fields and groups around the world.

The Seeds Of Tolerance (SoT) is a space dedicated to bringing together the different groups and individuals who are striving to promote tolerance and human rights. Located in Brooklyn New York, SoT facilitates events ranging from photography exhibits to consortiums and staff retreats. SoT is also home to various organizations that are working towards the same goals as the Foundation and can collaborate to generate synergy and new ideas by working in the same space.

We offer fellowships opportunities to individuals including recent graduates, lawyers, researchers, and scholars who are pursuing or wish to pursue a career in tolerance education or human rights promotion.

With the guidance of our staff and program partners, each fellowship is uniquely designed to connect the fellow to the field of his or her choice in order to build capacity and a long term career path.

We have found that art is a very effective tool for teaching tolerance because it can portray meaningful lessons that transcend language and culture, so therefore Arts and Culture are a particular focus. SoT supports various programs that teach tolerance and raise human rights awareness through the mediums of dance, drawing, film and photography.

The Grantmaking Initiative of the Foundation not only awards grants to outstanding organizations who administer innovative programs that further SoT’s mission, but connects the grantee to our network of partner organizations, fellows and cohorts who are also working towards its goals. The Seeds Of Tolerance supports these groups to foster collaboration and create a greater overall impact

Seeds Of Tolerance Campaign

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The Seeds Of Tolernace Campaign (SoT) was created to provide support for human rights promotion and unlearning intolerance by providing a common space for organizations and individuals working towards these goals.

The Seeds Of Tolerance launched SoT in 2004 to serve as a field builder for tolerance education. It has successfully established an extensive informal network created through its programs, including events and conferences; research support; hosted programs; and incubated non-profit organizations. The primary activity of the Campaign is to convene and facilitate meetings of stakeholders like educators, researchers, activists and policymakers, with a particular emphasis on bringing research and best practices together.

Through these activities, SoT is a vibrant place within the social justice community and beyond, providing a much-needed forum for experimentation and discussion among advocates, scholars, educators, and activists from different disciplines and regions. It infuses an entrepreneurial spirit into human rights work and education for tolerance and peace.